Applied Bioplastics supplies economically sustainable plant-based plastic alternatives. Our product variety delivers countless use cases, transforming plastic as we know it.

Our products reduce petroleum dependency, pollution, and habitat destruction. Through our supply chains, we support eco-friendly agriculture in developing countries.

BioFi - Product Profile

BioFi is our thermoplastic product line which is a combination of plant fibers and standard, recycled, or biobased polymers. It can be injection molded or extruded into a variety of items across the household, automotive, appliance, electronics, and outdoor equipment industries. BioFi enables manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on virgin polymers without changing any of their existing equipment. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more.

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Jutin - Product Profile

Jutin is the flagship product in our BTTR Board product line. It's our plant-based alternative to traditional polyester resin, typically used in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. The structural integrity of the material is reinforced by jute - an abundant, low-maintenance, indigenous crop grown in Bangladesh. Jute replaces up to 50% of petroleum-based inputs in our composite, resulting in a significantly lower plastic volume per unit.

Jutin outperforms many traditional building materials on price, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and overall durability. It can be used as acoustic paneling for sound dampening applications. It is not susceptible to corrosion or degradation and is water, heat, and fire resistant.

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Our Mission


Supply Decarbonized Bioplastics

Replace traditional plastics and composites in as many verticals as viable


Support Sustainable Agriculture

Build a sustainable growth engine for plastic recycling and eco-friendly agriculture in developing economies


Transform Industries

Convert biobased products from an expensive and uncommon solution to a globally viable alternative


Solve a Global Problem

Provide massive ROI to investors and customers

Relevant News

Fast Company

Applied Bioplastics was recently featured in Fast Company! The article's focus is on our inexpensive and durable roofing and siding product line, BTTR Board.

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Future Climate Venture Studio

Applied Bioplastics team was selected by R/GA Ventures and UConn to participate as one of 6 startups in the Future Climate Venture Studio in 2023. The program and its partners will provide the selected companies with access to faculty experts, investment from R/GA Ventures, and more to help accelerate company growth.

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Newchip Graduates

Applied Bioplastics recently graduated from the Newchip accelerator, a 6-month business accelerator that gave us access to a large network of investors and become investor-ready.

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SXSW Winners

Applied Bioplastics was selected as the winner of the Social & Culture category of SXSW Pitch 2021! See the full list of winners at the link below.

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MassChallenge Graduates

The Applied Bioplastics team completed the 2020 MassChallenge accelerator program in Austin TX. The startups selected were rigorously vetted by a community of more than 500 expert judges and represent the top 10% of applications from around the world.

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Greentown Labs Members

Applied Bioplastics joined Greentown Labs as one of 16 inaugural members at their new Houston location. Greentown Labs is an incubator that brings together capable and passionate entrepreneurs in cleantech to connect them with the resources they need to succeed.

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